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Get the best help you'll ever receive during your studies, with our Marking Service. Designed to help you squeeze every bit of potential out of your hard work, our Marking Service gives you the advice and support you deserve.

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What we include

  • Perfectly proofread, every time

    We use the 'track changes' feature in Microsoft Word to proofread your work. The marker will correct any spelling and grammar mistakes, improving your work and adding a little sparkle.

  • Marking you can trust

    Our marking service also gives you not one, but two expertly assessed grades for your work - you get an estimated mark for your work as it is, and the potential grade you could achieve if you make the changes we suggest.

  • Qualified lecturers and professionals

    We only ever let a marker take on your order if they are qualified to do so. This means you're guaranteed to receive subject-specific comments and a clear focus on the accuracy of technical details.

Different Approaches to CSR

This assignment will critically discuss three approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility, which are as follows: CSR as value creation; CSR as risk management and CSR as corporate philanthropy. For the purposes of this assignment, the definition of CSR will be based on the Carroll's CSR pyramid (1991) which states that the economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic responsibilities of the organisation are dependent upon their particular context (Crane and Matten 2010).

This first section of the assignment will critique CSR in terms of value creation. Value creation can be interpreted in two ways. Firstly, there are the values created by the organisation which influences its CSR practices, such as their role, ethical stance and stakeholder management (Crane, Matten and Spence 2014). Secondly, there is the value created by the delivery of these CSR practices. This may include an economic value, such as the reduction in pollution costs, and a social value, in terms of a reduced negative impact on society (Griseri and Seppala, 2010).

  • Feedback tailored to you

    Our expert marker will give you targeted feedback, just like a lecturer or tutor. We'll suggest changes, improvements, additions and deletions to help you maximise your marks.

  • Marking and feedback form

    Along with your annotated and proofread piece of work, your expert marker will complete a detailed feedback form. This will summarise their comments, along with providing the estimated mark for your work.

  • Get ahead of the game

    Our marking service helps you to improve your writing skills. By following our feedback, you'll learn how to work more efficiently to achieve better marks in the future.

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